Health Coaching

What can I expect on my first visit?


To get started we’ll need some time to go over your own specific goals, daily lifestyle and what your desired outcome looks like for you.  This can be in person or over the phone. I take into account you as a WHOLE person and believe you can work through sabotaging thoughts or obstacles that in the past have held you back.

Next I create each health coaching session to be customized and crafted to meet your full potential or as far as you would like to go. Together I help you find the right foods for YOUR body, know how to indulge in occasional splurges, what types of exercise or movement may work for you and emotionally uncover the blocks you may have holding you back so that you can create a balanced life style and enjoy the experience of eating without stress or guilt!

And as your coach, and with your innate wisdom, I’ll guide you through the steps while making it easy to follow through and to grow new habits that support and inspire well-being that last far beyond our sessions!

Wouldn’t you love to be healthier, happier and have balance in your life?

My background and training in nutrition, results and health-coaching can be just what you need to transform your life and your body!  You can get to where you are reaching your goals and have a positive, dynamic outlook on life.  Your body can become stronger, healthier and more fit overall.  Get rid of the negative feelings that have bogged you down and get rid of the excess weight or baggage that hinders you from feeling confident.

Are you one of those people who keep going through the same cycles over and over and never seem to ‘get on top of it’ and finally get the results you want?

Have you struggled for years dieting and having your weight constantly go up and down?

Do you have certain autoimmune disease or dietary restrictions that you’re having a hard time implementing?

Then you are one of thousands of people who could benefit from a health coach.  And not just an ordinary one, but one that has the added benefit of understanding the struggle, and being trained in nutrition, results-coaching and massage therapy, as well as being a health and wellness practitioner.

I’m Amber and I work with creative, intelligent men and women, business owners, professionals, stay at home moms, all who succeed at what they do, yet maybe have a hard time handling their health or need clarity.  I would love to help YOU break the cycle and transform your life. 

I believe you can become the person you have been wishing for; the person who is finally done with the struggle.

Call me today and let’s set a time to meet and go over your own individual needs; should it be to sleep better, have more energy, optimum fitness recommendations, lower stress, lower blood sugar levels, lose weight, gain muscle, change your eating, adopt new healthy habits or just get someone to get you going. (530) 227-1604

I’m ready to support and guide you to a new, happier, healthier and balanced life!