Meet Amber


Welcome to Health N Balance, a place to find easy practical solutions for your own health & balance needs!
I have always been interested in healthy living and have a natural openness to share and help people who struggled with on-going or interval health frustrations. In my own life, it started with me growing up watching a parent battle with an autoimmune disease and the frustration's it put on them and the family.  Later as an adult I had a sudden and unexpected illness.  Going from an extremely vibrant, healthy, full of energy woman to suddenly having it all stripped away over night was terrifying!  I needed to make changes to what I believed was an already healthy lifestyle.  The frustration of not feeling, or being myself changed my outlook on my life and priorities.

In following traditional medical advice and non-traditional medicine avenues, I realized that both of them separately did not provide the results I was looking for. But when I combined them, the results were everything I hoped for! I wish I had this knowledge in the beginning to shorten my journey but then I couldn’t be helping you.
When I incorporated natural systems of healing along with traditional medical methods, it was then I saw the results I wanted!!
My training started with Massage Therapy; learning and understanding how the body can get healing through proper massage techniques. I became a CMT, Certified Massage Therapist in 2006. Previously I worked in private and also in-patient rehab center for over 9 years, seeing all kinds of injuries and health concerns. 
Because I have a special place in my heart for those who’ve been injured and or are suffering with debilitating pain, I specialize in Orthopedic Massage, Chronic Pain and massage for sport or work –related injuries. Let’s face it, life can hurt at times! It’s nice to have someone hear your concerns and understand the struggle to get back up.
Health Coaching was a natural step forward in my quest to help those in need. I enjoy being able to see someone who has been frustrated with not being able to see their health change for the better, to the place where they can take control of their lives. This gives me so much gratification. I find new ways to go about helping each person; it’s not just about diet. It’s about finding what each individual body’s performance needs are.
My wish is for you to set aside any pre-conceived ideas of what a Health Coach is, and to allow me the privilege of giving YOU something wonderful; a new change, a positive outlook, a stronger body, proper weight loss, a healthy body, a renewed lifestyle! - Amber Angell