Some days you eat salads, and do Yoga – Some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called Balance.
— Author Unknown

My goal is to help you on your journey to become whole, happy, healthy and balanced! To accomplish this, my services include massage, health coaching, meal planning and many other aspects of health consulting and health coaching. Call today and let’s get started on your journey to wellness!  (530) 227-1604!!


Health Coaching

One of my programs will include a 2 week detox – which is for clearing your system & finding what foods are your triggers. Next is a 60 day Total Reset- which is designed to create behaviors that will last. Lastly, if you just need a touch up, I offer a 2 week Health Boost- to Jump Start your new life!

Meal Planning

I can help with developing your grocery list, weekly menu, and taking your favorite foods and breaking them down into healthier options while still staying declious!

The Massage

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Myofascial Release, Sport massage or relaxation.  All available in 30 min., 60 min. or 90 min. sessions to suit your preference.  Please call for any questions I can help you with or to schedule your appointment. (530) 227-1604


Yoga Balanced Massage

Fully clothed, participants hold each stretch and positions for several moments while the massage therapist adds hands-on techniques to each individual. Using bolsters to help support these gentle, restorative yoga poses, stretching, and massage to an incredibly easy and relaxing state.

If you have never seen yoga in your life or it’s an everyday lifestyle, this combination of a slower pace with zero pressure to know anything about it adds additional relief to sore, tight muscles and chattery minds. The combination can also help reduce anxiety, stress, neck and back pain or become familiar with being kind to your busy self. Then we end the session with a warm paraffin foot treatment.


Graston Therapy, is an evidence-based method of using instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to improve quicker outcomes of soft tissue lesions/adhesions “knots”, scar tissue.

This method can also help with carpal/tarsal tunnel, sprains and post-surgical areas just to list a few.


Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) simply described is a pain free modality done by the therapist that briefly stimulates the selected muscles by asking for a position to be held for a moment in a particular direction as the therapist taps or uses vibration on the muscle to help release tightness causing pain. This can be done fully in comfortable loose clothing and gentle on the body, restoring circulation and tension release in just a few steps.


Signature Massage

We call this the Signature massage not because it’s the same cookie cutter massage , It is because each person coming in for treatment is listened to and worked with to ensure the therapist understands your concerns and desired outcome that fits you best. We blend all modalities and treatments such as deep tissue, muscle creams, paraffin into one. There are no added charges.

CBD Balm

CBD is known for the support it provides in reducing inflammation and temporarily decreasing the pain that is signaling to the brain. A cream base is massaged onto the muscles for added relief. THC free non-psychoactive. Using only certified tested brands.

Health and Wellness Coaching

For some of us changes do not happen alone. It takes more than eating a special diet or exercise. Change that can last, happens when you look at the body as a whole. Intuitively finding out what could be stopping you or holding you back from getting your desired outcome.

If you have questions about building healthy new habits that will outlast our sessions together. I help navigate you through emotional eating, autoimmune and other frustrations you may have. Shifting your view and taking care of your mind is the first step to achieving control and strength back into your day.


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